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How to Unlock New Revenue Streams for Your Certification and Competency Definitions

SkillDisplay is a central exchange for skill definitions and micro-certification. We cooperate with certifiers and experts striving to establish an authority, helping them to break down their monolith certifications into easily approachable skills, while offering new revenue streams and business opportunities for their competency and certification infrastructure.

Offering Your Skill Definitions on SkillDisplay

Creating a curriculum for your certification is part of your certification creation workflow and takes a lot of effort. However, this time and resource intensive work does not create returns itself.

SkillDisplay assists you in monetizing the skill definitions themselves, creating win-win situations for certifiers and end customers alike.

Generating Passive Revenue

Being able to rely on a solid foundation of high quality skill definitions allows organizations to save time and effort in many scenarios. SkillDisplay assists you in offering your portfolio in such scenarios, introducing a cost effective way to reduce time-to-market for companies.

When users and companies use your skill definitions on SkillDisplay, you receive a share of dedicated revenue pools. The three revenue streams contributing to these pools are:

Job Offers

SkillDisplay allows companies to create job definitions from existing and custom skills. These jobs are then presented to users who have an according featureset on the SkillDisplay platform.

Organization Accounts

Businesses use SkillDisplay as Software-as-a-Service. A subscription grants them access to the featureset of the platform, as well as the possibility to use all available skill definitions for own purposes like:

Enhancing professional training
SkillDisplay offers a variety of features for professional training centers, like

  • progress tracking for participants
  • automatic rendering of handouts and proofs-of-participation
  • awarding digital badges
  • creating SCORM packages for use in their own LMS (like Moodle) and more.

Onboarding and Employee Retention Scenarios
Companies who have employee retention and onboarding programs can make use of your skills to define trainings or career paths.

3rd party enterprise software
Many enterprises already have established HR and talent management software in their company, offering a featureset beyond SkillDisplays' very focused field of expertise. However creating a base competency structure in these systems still remains a tedious task. Organizations with premium access to your skills can save a lot of time and effort by importing your skill definitions from SkillDisplay to their system.


SkillDisplay presents end users with opportunities for enhancing their skill portfolio exactly at the time they need them. Companies can tag their product with your skills when creating an advertisement to reach their desired target audience.

Solutions for Your Certifications

Do you have further questions about your own use case? SkillDisplay does not only provide the platform, but also the methodology and training for helping you to create, update and maintain your certification portfolio and curricula.

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