1. Release 96 - Suggested SkillSets and Awards

    29 Dec 2021

    Get learning resource suggestions exactly at the time you need them and claim awards for your successes.

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  2. Release 95 - Store setup

    20 Dec 2021

    Background preparations for Stripe payment on the website

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  3. A matrix view indicating the proficiency of four individuals for specific units-of-work (aka SkillSets)

    Release 94 - Matrix View

    6 Dec 2021

    Improved member statistics providing in-depth analysis for individuals and their units-of-work

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  4. Organization statistics screen showing 3 sections. The top section shows bar charts with the skill distribution for personal development, educational verification, practical experience and certification. the bottom section shows the number of verifications per member and the top skills.

    Release 93 - Member Statistics for Organizations

    19 Nov 2021

    Member Statistics for Organizations are now available with Release 93. In the last quarter of the year we focus on analytics and statisics tools for…

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  5. An open scheduler with a couple of entries

    Introducing our Product Updates & Release Notes section

    5 Nov 2021

    Stay up to date with the development of the product

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  6. Showcase: TYPO3 Entry-Level Certification

    24 Sep 2021

    Includes information on how SkillDisplay can be used to provide Open Data skill definitions and make community learning resources searchable

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  7. Quickstart Tutorial Video Series

    16 Jul 2021

    The quickstart covers the most fundamental SkillDisplay features with the help of an (imaginary) real world use case: a mentorship program for the…

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  8. Professionalizing Customer Training Talk

    2 Jul 2021

    It has been our pleasure to provide a talk for the TYPO3 Online Days 2021, you can re-visit it by checking out the slides and video.

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  9. Logos of Scrum.org and SkillDisplay

    SkillDisplay Partners with Scrum.org to Deliver Ongoing Learning Experience for Scrum

    12 May 2021

    Employees and educators can now access the official Scrum.org Professional Scrum Competency learning focus areas through SkillDisplay’s online portal.…

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  10. TYPO3 Certifier Community Program Launch

    13 Apr 2021

    SkillDisplay Welcomes Over 300 New Companies on the Platform

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