SkillDisplay App Now Available in Multiple Languages


The SkillDisplay App interface is currently fully translated for English and German. You can conveniently switch the language settings in the bottom navigation bar of the app.

Skills & SkillSets

Skills & SkillSets are shown in your chosen language when available.

Fallback language: English

If you chose a specific language (e.g.: German) and see a skill or skillset displayed in English, this means there is no translation available for your selected language. In this case we show the English version to you, as this is one of the most commonly used primary / secondary languages.

Skills without English translation

In special cases where Certifiers providing skills operate in a very specific language space, an English translation might not be available. If that is the case the English version of the skill will feature information in which languages it is available.

If you speak multiple languages you can easily switch to a different language with the language menu while staying in the same view.

Additional Languages

Is SkillDisplay not available in your favorite language yet? Join our Discord and let us know which language you'd like to see added!

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