Product Update & Release Notes

  1. The SkillDisplay Dashboard showing a promt to start the tour through the app

    Release 102 & 103 - Multi Language & New Tutorial

    27 May 2022

    Get to know SkillDisplay with the help of SkillDisplay - in two languages

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  2. Release 101 - Improvements for Tracking the Own Progress

    4 Apr 2022

    Self Assessments are now revocable

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  3. Release 100 - Multi Language Website

    21 Mar 2022

    German is introduced as first additional language on the SkillDisplay website

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  4. Release 99 - Feedback appreciated

    9 Mar 2022

    Skills now feature a link to easily provide user feedback for consideration

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  5. Release 98 - Highlighting the next step in your learning journey

    21 Feb 2022

    A major improvement in the suggested SkillSets view along with other user experience improvements

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  6. Release 97 - Notification System

    8 Feb 2022

    Important information about your personal skill development is now available in a dedicated notification area

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  7. Release 96 - Suggested SkillSets and Awards

    29 Dec 2021

    Get learning resource suggestions exactly at the time you need them and claim awards for your successes.

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  8. Release 95 - Store setup

    20 Dec 2021

    Background preparations for Stripe payment on the website

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  9. A matrix view indicating the proficiency of four individuals for specific units-of-work (aka SkillSets)

    Release 94 - Matrix View

    6 Dec 2021

    Improved member statistics providing in-depth analysis for individuals and their units-of-work

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  10. Organization statistics screen showing 3 sections. The top section shows bar charts with the skill distribution for personal development, educational verification, practical experience and certification. the bottom section shows the number of verifications per member and the top skills.

    Release 93 - Member Statistics for Organizations

    19 Nov 2021

    Member Statistics for Organizations are now available with Release 93. In the last quarter of the year we focus on analytics and statisics tools for…

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