A group of people participating in a workshop situated in a light filled room on a higher storey.


Tailored for your team

Create a ready-to-use setting within one day

The Kickstarter Workshop is the ideal starting point for a use-case based evaluation of the SkillDisplay platform. It is designed to let a small number of representatives from your company create a Minimum Viable Product over the course of a one-day workshop guided by a SkillDisplay Certified Expert.

Output examples

  • Creation of a job offer for publication on your website against which applicants can match their own skills.
  • A definition for skills needed and used in one of your departments on a regular base for future statistical evaluation.
  • A set of skills used to hold customer trainings for your own or 3rd party product.


  • Minimum Viable Product 1-day workshop in your company
  • Half-day follow up meeting (suggested 3 months after MVP workshop)
  • Free Trial Account
  • EUR 2.960,- (additional travel/lodging costs may apply)

This workshop is scheduled with your company on an individual basis. Please bear in mind that additional travel and accomodation costs for the trainer may apply, depending on your desired training location.
Our team will contact you personally within two workdays of completing your purchase to schedule the appointment.