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SkillDisplay Certified Expert

Obtain blueprints and coaching for an in-house skill management workshop

Requires SDCP

The SkillDisplay Certified Expert (SDCE) can host in-house workshops to create and maintain company relevant skills for later use with or without the SkillDisplay as a Service platform.

He/She knows how to interpret and (if necessary) adapt the blueprint process provided with the training. In addition the SkillDisplay Certified Expert possesses a basic set of moderation skills necessary to guide the team and process tasked with creating the skill structure.

  • 2-day workshop
  • 4h personal supervision
  • Basics to methods and tools for skill workshop moderation
  • effective workshop moderation
  • decision making with mutual agreement
  • group organization
  • how conflicts arise and how to resolve them
  • EUR 4.950,- / participant

This workshop is scheduled with your company on an individual basis. Please bear in mind that additional travel and accomodation costs for the trainer may apply, depending on your desired training location.
Our team will contact you personally within two workdays of completing your purchase to schedule the appointment.