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SkillDisplay Certified Professional

Get to know the basics of professional Skill Management

The SkillDisplay Certified Professional (SDCP) is versed in the general skill management concept and can identify and name relevant terms and tools in order to aid the process of identifying and maintaining relevant skills for his/her company. He/She understands the idea of verification and certification and can relate those to appropriate use cases.

This workshop is an introduction to the SkillDisplay concept with the help of an easy to grasp practical example, suited for beginners. No technical devices are required. (A mobile phone could come in handy for tracking your personal progress though)

  • 1-day workshop
  • EUR 550,- / participant
  • No SkillDisplay as a Service platform or laptop needed

SkillDisplay Seminars take place each 2nd Friday of the month.

After purchasing a ticket you'll receive an e-mail with details on how to join the event along with relevant info material for your booking.