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SkillDisplay Certified Technician

Become a technical skill administrator

Requires SDCP

The SkillDisplay Certified Technician (SDCT) can use all frontend functionalities of the platform and is able to manage users and organisations. He/She has a basic understanding of underlying SkillTree manipulation and its effects, can group skills into SkillSets and prepare them for the release to end users. In addition the SkillDisplay Certified Technician can use the platform provided reporting tools for gathering and summarizing verification/certification data.

This workshop is for technicians aiming to administrate SkillDisplay for their company. We recommend users to work on their own account but can provide a test instance for the course of the training if needed.

  • 1-day workshop
  • EUR 950,- / participant
  • Own SkillDisplay as a Service platform recommended but not mandatory

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