Content Management System Basics

HTL Rennweg

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General information

This SkillSet contains all skills which are related to basic concepts about Content Management Systems. Based on the learning material provided by the HTL 3 Wien Rennweg (see "Links"), these are the basic concepts valid for a wide range of CMS - no matter which system you prefer.

While the Learning Material was created by the HTL 3 Wien Rennweg, the skill definitions are based on European standards and were created by the TYPO3 Education Committee. This means everything you learn contributes directly towards preparing for an official certification.
If you track your progress you can compare your own skill level to the requirements of a certification!

Tracking your progress

You can track your progress while progressing through the learning material. Just click on a "Recommended Skill", check the goals and if you are sure you meet all the requirements click on "Self Verification".
This is equivalent to: "I know how to do this", e.g. when writing a skill in a resumée.

In case you did learn about the skill in an educational institution (like a school) let us know. We will contact your representatives and give them the ability to grant "Educational Verification" for you - confirming that this is something you picked up during the lessons.

What about putting a skill into practice? If you are employed and are working with these skills let us know. We will contact your employer and give them the ability to grant you "Business Verification" - meaning that you have experience working with this skill.