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Basic SkillTree Manipulations


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Building and editing a SkillTree with the help of the visual skill editor. Knowing the implications for frontend users when altering Skills and the SkillTree.


With the help of the Visual Skill Editor I can:

  • Select a Skill or SkillSet to be displayed
  • Create a Skill
  • Fill the Details for a Skill
  • Delete a Skill
  • Put a Skill dormant
  • Auto-Arrange the SkillTree

I know how alterations of the SkillTree inside the Visual Skill Editor:

  • affect SkillSets and the SkillSet View
  • affect Skills and the single Skill View
  • affect Certification Requirements

I know how to add created Skills to SkillSets in order to have them displayed in the Visual Skill Editor


Florian Weiss SkillDisplay