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Tutorial: Understanding SkillDisplay Platform Basics

This short 5-step tutorial will introduce you to the most basic concepts of the SkillDisplay platform.

What is a Skill?

A skill is the smallest form of knowledge.

The description tells you what the skill is about.
The goals tell you what you have to achieve.
Links lead to relevant source material.
Tags group different skills with certain labels.
Prerequisites are other skills you should already possess before attempting to acquire this skill.

A skill is designed in a way, that allows grasping the basic concept (not mastering it), in a maximum of 10 minutes.

This is what a skill looks like on the SkillDisplay platform

What is a SkillTree?

The SkillTree consists of connected knowledge (skills) in the form of a tree.

It describes the dependencies between certain skills. A SkillTree is a structure of all knowledge and can be separated into smaller, more specific SkillTrees.

This is what the SkillTree for this tutorial looks like.

What is a SkillPath?

A SkillPath is a route through a SkillTree.

The SkillPath is a recommended order to walk through a SkillTree. It's created by experts from the industry, education or business world, who define the best way to learn the content.

On the SkillDisplay platform every SkillPath has an overview, which shows all tackled skills, along with the learners SkillUps.

This is what the SkillPath for this Tutorial looks like.

What is a SkillUp?

SkillUps are four ways to proof, what learners can do.

The learner thinks he/she has the skill.

An educational institution confirms the skill.

An employer affirms the skill.

The learner accomplished the official certification exam.


Verify your abilities

Did you get all the basics about Skills, SkillTrees, SkillPaths and SkillUps so far? Seems like a good time to note that and claim your Self-SkillUps.

What is a reward?

The reward system provides special benefits to learners.

After a learner has reached a number of skills, he/she gets rewards. These are offered by SkillDisplay and the platform's partners.

A list of all offered rewards is available on the platform.

Ready to claim your first SkillDisplay platform reward?
We have one that is granted to users who Self-SkillUp the complete "Understanding SkillDisplay Basics" SkillPath - and you are just one SkillUp away from that.